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Secure Remote Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Service

Frequently Asked Questions


What are your pricing options?
At zStorage, our pricing options are real simple. Whether you're a business or an individual, it's the same price. For 1 Gigabyte of data, the cost is $9.95 per month. For 5 Gigabytes, the cost is $14.95 per month. For 10 Gigabytes, the cost is $24.95 per month. For 20 Gigabytes, the cost is $39.95 per month. For 50 Gigabytes, the cost is $99.95 per month. For 100 Gigabytes, the cost is $199.95 per month. If you have disk space needs over 100 Gigabytes, please call us for a quote.


What is your refund policy?
Customers can apply for a refund within 60 days of product installation date. To request a refund, submit a written request via email from the email address you used to sign up for the service or call our Customer Care team at 1.866.399.7840. Our Customer Care team will process your request upon receipt, and email verification will be automatically sent to the email address on record.


What is your billing contact information?
To reach someone in billing at zStorage, please call 952.253.3200 and ask for the billing department. Thank you.


How do I find out what the system requirement requirements are?
The system requirements for zStorage are:

  • Windows 98SE or later
  • Internet Explorer 6.01 or later
  • Must have Client for Microsoft Networks installed
  • Pentium Class Processor
  • 32 MB RAM or greater
  • 5 MB Disk Space plus space required for processing
  • TCP/IP Network, Dial-Up Networking (if desired)
  • Modem or other networking hardware


How do I select and Backup my Files?
Use the zStorage application and check the checkboxes next to the files and folders you with to backup.

NOTE 1: You can also select files from within applications. From the application's File menu, select Open, right-click on the folder or file you wish to protect and choose your backup option.

NOTE 2: Depending on the amount of data being protected and the speed of your Internet connection, your first backup may take considerable time. However, subsequent backups will be relatively quick, as you'll only be transmitting incremental files and changes.


After my backup, I received a message: "Near Quota" or "Over Quota". What does this mean?
The amount of data you are backing up has grown larger than you're service level. If you would like to increase your data protection limit, you can login into your Account Information.


What kind of files can I backup?
The application can be loaded on the file server and backup files directly from it. There is an open file option as well if that is a concern. The software also has the ability to save and close any open applications so they can be backed up without an open file option. Non-windows file servers can be backed up as a network share from any workstations/server, each share requires an additional client license.

You can backup servers like MS-SQL and Exchange by using some windows tools, these two option also make the need for a consultive install a much higher priority.

For SQL:
From SQL Enterprise Manager, Select Management, Database Maintenance Plan and New Maintenance Plan. Use Database maintenance plan to backup all databases to the local disk, this can be scheduled to happen whenever you would like. It has a routine to clean up old files as well, to conserve disk space. These files can then be backed up by zstorage. This is an excellent plan because it gives them a local backup and they have a zstorage offsite disaster recovery backup as well.

For Exchange:
You can use NTbackup to backup the local exchange server to disk and then zStorage will backup the disk backup, this again has substantial advantage because there is still a local backup and a disaster recovery backup.


How do I use zStorage with AOL?
There are special considerations when using zStorage with American Online (AOL). The following information addresses two problems identified when using AOL as your dial-up connection:

The first problem most people experience is the inability to dial an AOL connection directly from zStorage. The second is problem that results in the AOL connection being dropped because of the inactivity timeout function built into AOL.

Since AOL uses a proprietary dialing scheme, you will NOT be able to utilize the standard dial-up "Connection" options in the zStorage software. For that matter, many applications that would typically dial directly to an ISP will experience the same problem, so the following workaround may also be appropriate for those applications as well.

First, you must configure a default dial-up connection that launches AOL anytime an Internet connection is required. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Control Panel (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel), and launch the "Internet Options" dialog.
  2. Select the "Connection" tab.
  3. Highlight the AOL connection in the "Dial-up settings" list.
  4. Click the bullet next to "Always dial my default connection" to select it.
  5. Click the "Set Default" button.
  6. Click "OK" to save the changes and close the dialog.

You must next configure zStorage to NOT dial AOL directly. Steps follow:

  1. Launch the zStorage Client Software
  2. From the menu, select "View -> Options -> General"
  3. Click on the "Connection" tab to select
  4. Uncheck "Connect to the server using Dial-up Networking"
  5. Click "OK" to save the changes and close the dialog

This should now run either manually (Backup Now), or from the scheduler, and use AOL as the connection to the Internet.

The "inactivity timeout" problem occurs because AOL does not recognize any Internet "activity" that occurs outside of the normal AOL application. Again, many applications share this same problem, so this workaround would be appropriate for them as well.

In order to "trick" AOL into "thinking" that there is activity occurring, you must download and install a 3rd party utility. There are a number of such utilities available over the Internet. However, be aware that NOT all work with every version of AOL. Many, for example, will work with version 4 and 5, but NOT version 6. Further, while some of these utilities are free (freeware) other vendors charge for enhanced functionality that may be desirable.

That said, for the basic requirement of maintaining an AOL connection, you may want to use the freeware utility called "Momo's AOL Anti-idle". The latest version can be downloaded at: http://www.cosmicat.com/software/antiidle/

Note: zStorage makes no claims or guarantees as to the appropriateness, usability or functionality of this utility, and presents it here solely for the benefit of its customers. Further, US Internet will NOT provide technical support in any way for this utility including setup, configuration or problems using the utility. You must contact the developer for ALL related support.