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Secure Remote Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Service

Deployment Process

zStorage's Online Backup and Data Recovery Service is a fully managed online backup service for PCs and business servers. zStorage's service protects your data from user level errors all the way through complete site disasters—with 100% guaranteed results.

How is this done? We do it through a completely integrated solution featuring load-and-go simplicity, failsafe communications security, automatic offsite storage, a full functionality web portal, and 24X7 monitoring by experts whose entire job is to manage your backups.

Getting Started
A customer begins by installing lightweight agent software on your server. Then, through our easy-to-use installation software, select which data you want to protect by adding a check to the check box next to any file or folder. Using a broadband or dial-up connection, zStorage performs a full backup of all identified files. From that point on, all data changes are captured as they occur, and data is compressed, encrypted and continuously sent over the network to a secure data center.

zStorage Is Protection Made Simple
To simplify your service, a zStorage icon is added to your computer desktop and a new addition to the tray on your task bar. You will also be able to take advantage of new features added to your right-click short cut menu.

File Versioning Creates Added Safety
zStorage maintains up to 30 versions of your files. No other backup service can make this claim. With date-based file versioning, your zStorage account will keep a 30-day history of your backups.

Enjoy Peace of Mind
zStorage compresses and encrypts your files at the scheduled times and automatically connects to the Internet using your network or dial-up connection. After every backup, you will receive a message notifying you that your files are backed up and protected.

Offsite Data Storage at a Secure Facility
With zStorage, your data is transmitted on a scheduled basis to a secure offsite data vaulting center via state-of-the-art security technology. Engineers at zStorage's Data Center oversee all aspects of your online backup and data recovery operations 24x7, ensuring that your critical data is always protected. What's more, we are committed to resolving problems as they arise quickly and to your satisfaction.

Data Recovery — Guaranteed
With zStorage online backup service, all of your files can be restored immediately. Simply point and click to restore the current version or use the file history to select the version you want from the online archives. Note: Files can be restored instantly over your network or restored to CD-ROM or NAS and delivered overnight.

zStorage provides businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level data protection with a cost-effective online backup service. For pricing, click here or contact a zStorage representative today by calling 1.866.399.7840!