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Secure Remote Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Service

24X7 Secure Datacenter

Trust, privacy and peace of mind are key factors in making your decision about remote backup for your business. That's why we require in our service offering a complex mixture of cryptography technologies, operational procedures and administrative policy. We have also implemented a broad spectrum of security features designed to give our customers the confidence to entrust us with mission-critical information.


  • Data confidentiality was designed into our software from its inception. We not only encrypt your data for transport over the internet, but more importantly maintain data in an encrypted form throughout its lifecycle. Only your account can decrypt your data.
  • Internal controls and Advanced Encryption Key Management ensure that your data remains safe from unauthorized access, even by zStorage staff.
  • Physical security is provided in our N plus 1 redundant data center. Operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the facilities houses multiple internet connections, redundant air filtration, water-free fire suppression systems, redundant UPS power protection and redundant diesel and natural gas generator backup.
  • Service and data availability are ensured through use of multiple communication providers over multiple fiber connections. Multiple copies of customer data and broad use of digital signatures for additional data integrity are also provided.
  • zStorage backs up all customer data daily to a secondary secure site.
  • Our Personal Information Policy is explained in our Privacy Statement.

zStorage provides businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level data protection with a cost-effective online backup service. For pricing, click here or contact a zStorage representative today by calling 1.866.399.7840!